I’m sad that Gwen Christie didn’t hop over the pond to come to this premiere, because she’s apparently in the movie, but: We got Amandla and we got Mandy, the latter of whom is clearly still feeling a bit twirly from the other day. Obviously this isn’t nearly as dramatic as that one, and probably wouldn’t be as satisfying to spin in, but the many tiers of ruffles feel like they’re carrying over a certain kind of gleeful mood. It’s a pretty dress, but cutting her up into so many horizontal pieces isn’t very flattering. I might’ve liked this better if there was just one of those, and it hit at her natural waist, instead of right under her bust and then across her hipbones. Actually, even scooting all of them down might’ve helped.

Amandla went with pants:

'The Darkest Minds' film screening, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 26 Jul 2018

That is a lot of extra fabric at her wrists, and a whole mess of shenanigans at her ankles. Is Fancy Athleisure really having this moment, and if so, can I send it back for being undercooked?

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]