Okay, Cher Horowitz would never have worn this with hiking high-tops — that part of this, as well as Emily’s head, is pure Kendall Jenner. But in wondering why this tank dress seemed familiar, I realized it feels like a cross between Jennifer Lawrence’s Calvin Klein tank dress, and this red Alaia number — it’s, like, a totally important designer — from Cher. Of course, it’s almost just as influenced by a bunch of ribbed tank tops I bought at Old Navy about 15-20 years ago, which were made long enough back then that I suppose an enterprising leg enthusiast could yank them down and call them dresses. Regardless: This is the most normal thing she’s put on in a couple tries, and the closest thing to what an actual everyday human being might wear to run out to Whole Foods. So I guess… thanks? We’ve got work to do, but it’s better than being exhausted by her sheers.

[Photos: InstarImages.com]