Get ready for some blue suits and floral dresses!

In case you missed it earlier this week:

Wills and Kate released a new pic of Prince George this week for his birthday and he is extremely cute and toothy.

Meghan and Harry came out for polo yesterday and THERE WAS KISSING.


At Vanity Fair: Sarah Ferguson Is Poised for a Royal Comeback—Whether Prince Philip Likes It or Not

Omid Scobie reports at Harper’s Bazaar: Inside Prince Harry’s Plan to “Smash” the AIDS Stigma and Get More Men Testing for HIV

At Grazia: Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle: Inside Their ‘Firm’ Friendship

Per Town & Country: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Reportedly Haven’t Told Prince George That He Will Be King. This would be a sticky wicket. Having said that, there are very few people in the world who can really weigh in on how to do this, and one of them is George’s father, but if I were Kate (AND WHO IS TO SAY I AM NOT?!?) I might be a little worried that Wills would want to over-course-correct; you don’t want George to feel like he’d been kept in the dark. On the other hand: He is but only 5.

Speaking of George, at Marie Claire, this is very cute: Prince George and Princess Charlotte Play Shopkeepers with Grandma Carole Middleton at Her Party Planning Company

At The Court Jeweller, a look at Princess Mako’s trip to Brazil. I think the point here is well-taken that the Japanese Imperial Family has to be re-evaluating their tradition of stripping princesses of their titles when they marry.

Harry went to Lesotho last month on a private trip for his charity, Sentable. [Cosmo]

The Daily Mail (I KNOW) ran a fairly mean op-ed about Eugenie (that also, I felt, raised some not-inaccurate points about her wedding/the way Andrew and Fergie might be slightly insane, but very rudely) and Fergie obviously responded by Instagramming other people’s angry letters to the Mail? Fergie, Fergie, Fergie.

You know I love it when Prince Albert just calls People to talk. (This time, about this Red Cross gala, and also perhaps subconsciously about how he and Charlene don’t really talk that much?)

This People headline made me laugh: Why Prince Philip Could Skip Granddaughter Princess Eugenie’s Wedding: ‘He Does What He Wants’ My theory is that he will not attend the ceremony but might stick his head in at the reception.

And on social media:

This is awesome:

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