Gosh, this whole look is going to be PERFECT for the third act of a movie wherein Maggie takes a bunch of orphans to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall to bring some joy into their sad lives — because it’s the Depression, and their friend Annie got adopted by a very rich guy and they’re all just really freaking jealous, and she’s been tasked with taking care of them while her cousin, Miss Hannigan, is dealing with some, er, legal issues — and she falls in love with the stage manager, who is both a kind man wearing an eyepatch (he lost his eye in a bank robbery gone wrong) and a real magpie who loves dresses that catch that one eye. It’ll be very romantic. At least until Miss Hannigan gets back from jail and seduces him with that bathtub gin. (And don’t try and tell me that Miss Hannigan didn’t have to do some time in the pokey, regardless of the end of Annie. She was at the VERY LEAST an accessory to fraud.)

[Photo: Adam Nemser/startraksphoto.com]