(a) This dress is SO CUTE (although I have very mixed feelings about square-soled sandals; they feel so ’90s teen movie to me in a way that I may not be prepared to revisit).

(b) I LOVE Tamron and I was INCANDESCENT with rage when her contract with Today didn’t get extended, but here she is walking in to do some co-hosting on Live! With Kelly and Ryan, so all appears to be well, and I can cross being concerned about her off my list.

(c) Related, it seems Tamron’s also got a new daytime talk show coming out, and she’s ALSO wearing a Breton striped shirt in the promo for it:

Is all of her PR between now and the 9th going to be striped? Because if so, I feel deliciously catered to.

[Photo: Roger Wong/InstarImages.com]
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