Every now and then, Julianne Hough pops up in “candid” shots where she looks GREAT and not at all surprised to see the paparazzi and also where she’s posing just like a style influencer and god knows what is going on. (She’s a dancer and photogenic, so she looks good in more standard issue paps shots, too — like at The Grove or whatever — but these feel slightly different.) I assume it has to do with landing herself in the blogs and mags so we can all mention that a new season of Dancing With The Stars is about to kick off — no pun intended — and in fact it has worked! I can’t get mad at a woman who knows how to play this game! And she does look delightfully autumnal. I just want to know your take on her footwear, which I actually think I like but wonder if her sweater dress needs to be like…..a hair, just a hair shorter. Or no? PLEASE WEIGH IN.

PS: Speaking of hair, hers is just tucked into her turtleneck; this is not a Bob Debut. FWIW, Bob Debut is my fave golf pro down at the club.

(Photo by Gotham/GC Images)