So, Heather and I have licensing agreements at any number of photo houses — well, at three of them — and they have a tendency to send email blasts whenever it appears that Something Visually Interesting Has Happened. Like, “Meghan Markle Wears A Coat,” or “Bella Thorne Has Left The House,” or whathaveyou. Today, I got an email that was like, “SALMA HAYEK LOOKS CRAZY,” and I of course assumed the worse. That Salma fell headlong into a giant pile of Gucci’s wackiest and emerged looking like the third place finisher in a Jared Leto Impersonator competition. So when I saw this, I was both saddened (because it’s not that bad) and uplifted (because it’s not that bad!). In fact…I kind of like this? It’s jaunty and colorful and fun, and more importantly, it also manages to coordinate with the parking meter, which is….truly some next-level accessorizing. CARRY ON, SALMA.

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