This is from a TV rendition of Antony and Cleopatra, circa 1974 — Janet Suzman and Richard Johnson played your titular doomed lovers; her performance is allegedly definitive and I just saw him in a Midsomer Murders where he drowns in a river! This was a filmed version of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 1972 Trevor Nunn-directed stage production, and that’s Stewart as Enobarbus in all the leather, talking to a be-toga’ed Corin Redgrave (as Caesar). (Stewart would win the Olivier award [aka the British Tony] for playing Marc Antony on stage a mere five years later.) It is a true testament to Patrick Stewart’s power as a Hot Baldie that I find the concept of him with hair to be deeply unsettling and weird. Please shave your head, sir, and return us all to business as usual.

[Photo by ITV/Shutterstock]