Eileen here was at an Emmy nominees event in 1991, when she was given the nod for a guest turn in thirtysomething — which, yes, starred Melanie Mayron, who is behind her. And there is something chaotically DGAF about this photo that I absolutely love. She is the person who has a few at the office holiday party and then waltzes right up to the boss and delivers a scathing piece of her mind about its grievous office-culture offenses. When his right-hand man tries to slip out unnoticed, she might slam her hand on the doorjamb and say, “Not so fast, you puny, obsequious little weasel.” Fast forward a few months, and she has left the company to make her own candles, but no one would forget. No one would EVER forget. Especially not after she quadrupled their snack budget.

[Photo: Getty]