John Cena and Meredith Hagner are in a new flick called Vacation Friends, in which they play embarrassing acquaintances who crash Lil Rel Howery’s wedding to Yvonne Orji and presumably hijinks ensue. (It was greenlit as an Anna Faris/Chris Pratt vehicle seven years ago, but that fell apart, for what I imagine are the obvious reasons.) I gather someone decided that a pool party was the best idea to promote the movie, and maybe in The Before Times that would have ruled, but as is… there is something spare and underwhelming about the photos, as if they are the only three people there. Which, honestly, they might be. Even if they aren’t, the photos are a womp-womp moment. Which is a shame, because Meredith — who, by the way, is very funny in the episodes of Search Party that I’ve seen — looks REALLY cute in that, and it would be my summer dress goal had I not already missed my summer shoulders goals. John looks very nice, too, but also as if he was not made aware of the pool party aspect. “I brought my cue,” he probably said, bringing out the case in which he keeps his personalized billiard stick, ready for one HELL of a pool party. Then he sniffed the air, detected the chlorine, and dejectedly slid the cue case under the DJ’s table.

[Photo: Getty]