The Netflix adaptation of The Sandman — with which I am personally unfamiliar as it is not my general flavor of jam, but which I know people are stoked about! — is VERY celeb-packed, and I regret to inform you that not everyone popped out for this premiere. We did cover Gwendoline Christie in Rick Owens earlier today, but Jenna Coleman didn’t show and neither did (to my dismay) James McAvoy, Taron Egerton, or the other Wesley Snipes, Michael Sheen (I’m rewatching 30 Rock). [EDIT: Apparently, they were in another adaptation and not this one and the Google Info page about this cast was wrong. So they….would not attend.] We did, however, nab one of celebrity-ville’s most congenial exes.

[Photos: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock, Ash Knotek/Shutterstock]