This is as many layers as I have ever seen on Kim at one time. She is as bundled up as a person can be and still be recognizably them. She looks ready for whatever plague Mother Nature, enraged by how we callously stomped all over her gifts to us, wants to hurl in our direction: a piercing hole in the ozone layer, freezing winds, floods, acid rain, a virus that makes people need to change clothes 12 times a day… she is READY.

Also, with the exception of one recently papped beach outing, she’s been remarkably covered-up ever since she showed up at the Met Gala dressed as her own shadow. I think she even recycled portions of that here:

Kim Kardashian out and about, New York, USA - 05 Oct 2021

That’s basically a salon smock, and then half her Met outfit, and the same bag as above. It’s almost… FRUGAL. Wait, is the apocalypse coming?!?

[Photos: Getty, Shutterstock]