Our photo service refers to Kylie Jenner here as “personality Kylie Jenner” and as her mother surely knows, there is no worse kiss of death for an aspiring ANYTHING than to be classified as a PERSONALITY rather than a Whatever She’s Aspiring Toward. Is Kylie the one who wants to be a model? I cannot manage to extend my interest in the offspring of Kris Jenner into the actual Jenners:

That dress might actually be cute, but those shoes are Satan’s own handiwork. They’re like two little wicker demons.

The one Kardashian I actually like, however, showed up and looked cute:

Yes, we have seen this before, on Ashley Greene, and in a slightly longer cut (although maybe not actually, since Khloe is really tall):

As I said when Ashley wore this, I wish it had been accessorized with a spot of color — even, say, a bright cocktail ring — but I am happy that Khloe looks so nice, especially considering that there’s been a ton of gossip lately about her parentage and her fertility and all kinds of other stuff that even I — a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE gossip — think is really none of our business.Looking good is not necessarily the ONLY good revenge, but it’s one of my favorite.

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