First, and most importantly: HOW CUTE is Zendaya’s niece? She looks fantastic. Second: Zendaya’s satin slip dress is from her own line, which hasn’t launched yet (I learned all of this from Instagram, where I obviously get all of my news) and while it is lovely on her, (a) I have concerns about how much it’s going to look like a nightgown on other people and (b) holy god, the 90s really are back if we’re all wearing nightgowns and chokers everywhere and by “we all” I mean people who were not alive the first time we all did this and (c) this has been styled within an inch of its life by Law Roach, Zendaya’s stylist (who also styles Celine Dion):

I love those boots a LOT, but I might want to see them with something else? In short: I might have notes.

Having said that, it’s also my sworn duty to reiterate that Law Roach was amazing on this just-concluded season of the new America’s Next Top Model, and that the reboot was GREAT. To wit, this moment, which brought us this gif, which I clearly will be using forever:

If you didn’t catch it on VH1, I’m sure they’ll do a marathon, and you should settle in and watch the whole thing. It was so well-done.

[Photos: Getty, Instagram, Giphy]