I did a whole post asking if y’all planned to watch The American Song Contest, and then we traveled for Spring Break and I completely forgot it was happening and thus haven’t seen any of it myself. You’ll be pleased, maybe, to know that Michael Bolton is still in it (though Macy Gray lost her round). As much as it feels like he’s way too famous to be part of this, it doesn’t feel right that Michael freaking Bolton wouldn’t make it to the semifinals at the very least — besides which, NBC would not let that happen. How are we supposed to live without him?!?

Anyhoo: Kelly Clarkson is hosting, and that means having to walk the red carpet once a week. Her styling is all over the place, in a way that makes me wish they’d thrown a bit more cash at having some renowned American designers custom-make her some outfits (think Siriano, think Christopher John Rogers). Also, between this, her talk show, and The Voice, she’s the hardest working woman on TV and I am concerned she needs a vacation. NBC should send her to Bora Bora for a month.

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