Kim and Kourtney Kardashian grab some smoothies at Jamba Juice in NYC

[Photo: Splash News]

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Kim, don’t you think this has all gone far enough?


KOURTNEY: I mean, we’ve been photographed all over town. People remember we’re here. The Kardashian brand has been goosed. Can’t we just take it easy for a couple of days?

KIM: I have no idea what you mean.

KOURTNEY: KIMBERLY. We’re going to JAMBA JUICE and you’re waving around your Birkin and wearing fur arm flaps. FOR A JUICE RUN.

KIM: How do you know I don’t have something happening later for which this outfit is appropriate? I might be lunching with one of the characters from Scruples.

KOURTNEY: Because the schedule we gave the paparazzi says, “JAMBA JUICE RUN: FORMAL.” This is MADNESS.

KIM: You have no vision.