This seems like a good place to plug the piece Heather and I wrote for Bustle last week: How About We Don’t Expect Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton To Get Along. (Not that they seem to be not getting along; they seem fine. BUT WOULD WE KNOW IF THEY WEREN’T?)

ANYHOODLE, today’s event:

They WERE asked about “family disagreements.” (Not in a particularly inappropriate way.) Behold:

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William Attend Royal Foundation Forum

In outfit news, I wish we could see more of Meghan’s dress, but most of the pics coming from this event involved these four being seated/standing behind a podium. It’s Jason Wu and it is FABULOUS and you can see it much better at Net-a-Porter where it is not yet sold out. It’s funny to me that Meghan loves a coat that looks like a robe, and here is wearing a dress that’s inspired by a coat. It’s like Outfit Inception. (Her shoes are Aquazzzura and they’re also great, actually.) (Appreciation to Meghan’s Mirror for the IDs on those, also.)

And Kate is wearing Seraphine (of course), which you can see better here on their site.

The dudes are wearing artisanal trousers woven on the looms of their Tudor ancestors, and shirts produced by a literal witch who also has a royal warrant in blouses. (Or something like that, surely.)

[Photos: PA Images/]