Bella here is starring in a movie with Patrick Schwarzenegger for which I a) have extremely, extremely low expectations on all sides, and b) extremely high hopes that I can watch it someday on a plane. It’s called Midnight Sun, and it’s a remake of a Japanese movie in which Bella’s character has a fatal allergy to sunlight, and… well, the Wikipedia page’s summary is short and to the point and spoils the ending, but in a way that made me laugh out loud. Also Rob Riggle apparently plays her father, and earnest is not one of his major calling cards as an actor, so that’s going to be interesting.

Anyway: The headline news here is that Bella seems okay. For whatever insanity she wears on her own time, she has shown up to work today in garments that appear to be completely finished. The makeup isn’t tremendously flattering, but I guess if she’s looking for some spice…? Maybe she was jet-lagged and hoped bright blue would cover up exhaustion. Either way, let’s count “not bad” as a mighty victory.

Here’s what she wore to the actual premiere overseas:

'Midnight Sun' Rome Photocall
Bella Thorne Celebrate for the Premiere of her Film The Midnight Sun

It’s the too-tight satin version of Julia Roberts’ gown in Pretty Woman — not great, and kind of reminiscent of something she wore on last season of Famous In Love, which, yes, I totally cringe-watched, which is like binge-watching but with wrinkles — but maybe she’s just warming up for when she hits the U.S. circuit. I do hope she pops out the septum ring before then, because I keep thinking that she needs someone to pass her a tissue.

[Photo: WENN]