The Palace announced today that Kate is taking over patronage of the Royal Photographic Society — this makes A LOT of sense, given her affinity for photography — and she came out to celebrate it with a photography workshop with another one of her patronages, Action for Children, which is celebrating their 150th anniversary.

This is an amazing picture of the queen:

Kate is really good with kids, you can tell:

That kid is clearly VERY enamored of this camera, too — look, he’s so distracted by it here. Our next great photojournalist! (I also love that two of the kids wore their best stripe-y shirts. Y’all get it!)

There was a lot of hugging and chatting at this event:

Clothing-wise: This dress was a MYSTERY for quite a while. Just as I was fixing to publish this post, Bethan Holt of The Telegraph figured out that it’s by Ridley London, albeit in a different fabric, so I’m not sure if this dress is VERY old or so new that it’s not out yet.  (And she’s had the wedges forever, though I did just learn that you can get them in coral now, which I actually like better.) I like it very much. I love the pattern; she looks like the inside of a very fancy Crane’s envelope.

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