I have never thought Gillian looked like the Princess of Wales before, but the combination of the angle of this photo and her hairstyle — PARTICULARLY the hairstyle; it’s really the lynchpin of my entire opinion — is giving me real latter-day Lady Di vibes. I keep forgetting just how young Diana was when she died; I keep wanting to say that Peter Morgan should’ve held off and cast her as Diana: The Later Years instead, but even Diana’s later years stopped at 36 and Gillian is already 50. If freaking season three of The Crown is bouncing around out there with no premiere date in sight — what is happening over there; do we think it’s a disaster in post-production or something? — then Gillian might well be pushing 60 by the time we get around to covering the late 1990s. I will just sit back and imagine what might have been, if we had discovered this resemblance sooner.

Also, please enjoy this:

Apparently Scarves McGee up there had one blow right in front of the Queen as she descended the stairs — you can see it crossing her neckline here — and Gillian looks FREAKED OUT. I love it. I would have done the same. I have no chill, so I facially overreact to things all the time. I’m pretty sure I make this face during every single episode of Battlebots. Although in my defense, robot-fightin’ time is the best time. Where was I? Oh yes, Gillian looking Diana, and in something that even seems like an outfit Di would have worn. To be honest, though, I’ve moved on and now I’m imagining an X-Files/Battlebots crossover. The bot is out there.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]