This issue marks the magazine’s 175th anniversary and that is a hell of a milestone for any brand, but especially a glossy magazine in this day and age! Long may you wave, T&C — there is nothing I’d rather read by a pool! Also, this cover is just plain old great, and properly aspirational, as T&C ought to be: I do wish I were eating breakfast on a bed tray in a fancy bed jacket, and I am interested in taking a master class with Tina Turner, or hanging out with Martha Stewart in the kitchen! All this needs is a chic rich-person murder of some bad old man who deserved it! (Town and Country and Vanity Fair are, of course, the best magazines to read about rich-people murders in depth.) It is also, of course, inspired by a super famous Slim Aarons photo — I’m just sorry they skipped the monocle.

As you can imagine, the interview is a truly enjoyable read.  It is properly interesting and quite funny. I loved this detail:

“Monday through Friday, I’m in that room right there,” he says, motioning behind himself to a small office, where he starts writing at 8 a.m. “Not 7:59 a.m., not 8:01 a.m.—at 8 a.m. And every day I think, Oh I can’t do it, and at 8:01 a.m. I’m doing it. We go until about 11, 11:30, then I run my business in the afternoons. I’ve always done that. Done that for 40 years.”

Waters writes by hand, on the right kind of legal pads, with the right kind of paper clips, cutting and pasting, old-school-style. “I hate little paper clips. I have to have the exact clear Scotch tape. And the right scissors,” he says.

Treat yourself!

[Photographed by: Douglass Friedman, Styled by: Matthew Marden, Text and interview by: Mike Albo]