Four events, four designers, only one Dior. Ah, Lady Variety, she is the spice of life. Okay: I have notes. (Shocker.) Her hair looks like she went on a moped ride in Milan without a helmet, which is both good and bad — good, because it’s sexy-relaxed, and potentially bad because “sexy-relaxed” veers very, very quickly and easily into messy. I can’t tell which she’s in, but I think the super bright blonde and brown roots aren’t playing well enough together right now for it to be quite right.

The dress fits her so well, and I love the idea of it; honestly, my jam is never going to be Waistbands From Control-Top Hosiery as a fashion detail. It just isn’t. I also think it’s a little weird that the two pieces, though both D&G and likely considered as one, have different approaches to the dots.

Jennifer Lawrence

The top is more orderly; the bottom, like falling snow. Do we think making the bustier out of the same pattern as the skirt would have been better? Maybe I’m being too obsessive about it. You know how sometimes when things are so close to matching that even a fraction of difference can be more distracting than things that fully clash? (See also: My black jeans and my black t-shirts, which are never the same black.) I wonder if a totally new black-and-white motif on the bottom or the top would have given it a modern mixed-pattern look, without making me stare at it over and over to see if I’m imagining the dot thing. I’m so indecisive about this. Clearly it’s sandwich time. Sandwiches will sort everything out.