If Jerry Seinfeld gets Comedians Getting Coffee in Cars, then sometimes I think my web-series is going to be Blogger Writes About Duchesses Wearing Things in Cars and it’s going to be very dull. Mostly just me typing, then staring into the distance, then typing some more, then turning on an old re-run of Grey’s Anatomy, then more typing. Anyhoodle, there was the big annual Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace tonight, from which we rarely get inside photos — I assume it gets wild and crazy in there, all Diplomats Too Hot For TV or whatever. Old guys barfing into priceless vases that were technically stolen from other countries, etc. You know the drill. We do, however, always get photos of Kate wearing a tiara in a car on the way over, and I always enjoy that because I can ruthlessly speculate on the rest of the her ensemble (I assumed tonight was going to be pleather chaps and a mesh lingerie bag as a top). However, this evening — randomly and VERY unexpectedly! — we actually got inside pics so what do I even know about anything? I’m not COMPLAINING, but there goes my blog series.

I also thought that Wills and Kate might be the most senior non-queen royals at the diplomatic reception, because I assumed Chaz would be on his way to the United States, because he’s representing the Queen at George H.W. Bush’s funeral tomorrow, but he is there. (He must be hopping on a red eye tonight?) WRONG AGAIN, MORGAN. And Harry and Meghan didn’t attend because Harry and Wills are promised to duel the next time they come face to face. (JK, they went to the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund Christmas Carols service tonight, which is an annual event that the royals trade off doing; per Roya Nikkah, Meghan did a reading:

Sometimes we get pics of people going into the church for this and sometimes we don’t, and it seems that someone is looking out for us during this blessed holiday season because some popped up for me just as I was typing that I thought we wouldn’t get any this year. This entire post’s theme is apparently Events I Thought I Wouldn’t Get Pictures For And Stuff I Was Wrong About! I mean, we cannot really see what Meghan wearing, beyond that it is navy blue, but she’s there! [As were all the non-Kate Middletons, actually.])

Speaking of the brothers — and in case you missed it earlier, Wills and Kate were festive AF earlier today and it was fun —  it’s being reported that the Cambridges have futzed with their usual Christmas plans, which would have had them at Casa Middleton this year, and are doing it at Sandringham with the Queen (and Harry and Meghan and Doria). My personal suspicion is that this has less to do with Meghan and Harry specifically, and more to do with the fact that Philip is very very old and the Queen herself is no spring chicken. (She looks spry as ever, but my own 96 year-old grandmother was quite spry until about three weeks before she died this past March; at a certain point, you just realize that you’re on borrowed time with the elderly and beloved people in your life.)

[Photos: PA Images/INSTARimages.com, Beretta/Sims/REX/Shutterstock]