I’m sure Mrs Maisel is extremely charming but I cannot think of another show that’s NOT called Game of Thrones that has had multiple, global premiere events marking the premiere of its second season. I’m not complaining — I love the content! — but I don’t think AMC was sending January Jones to Madrid or whatever to stump for Mad Men back in the day. There was a conversation on Keep It (I think?) last week (I think?) about how some of these prestige TV shows wend their way into pop culture consciousness even when relatively few people are watching them (this was on the topic of both Girls and Mad Men, both of which I actually did watch), and honestly this is one of the ways that happens — Amazon splashes out the cash to send Rachel Brosnahan to Italy, and then blogs like us write about Amy Sherman Palladino’s hat. You’re welcome?

[Photos:  IPA/INSTARimages.com]