It was not an accident that Z and T ended up in essentially the same leather coveralls by the same South Korean designer, Juun.J; Law’s Instagram makes it sound like he styled both of them. I think this is a hilarious idea. Hey, their characters are soulmates, of a sort, right? And they’re among the more hotly anticipated celebs on a red carpet, so watching them work nearly identical outfits, next to each other, is an interesting study. For my money, if this were an actual competition — I know the quote is from Project Runway, but seriously, where is Billy Zane to host a walk-off when you need him — Zendaya takes this easily. Timothee can pull off a lot but the top of this hangs on him a little, whereas the peach on Zendaya looks glamorous, and her style tweaks give it a soft ’80s sexiness. You can picture her slinging her leg over a motorcycle and burning rubber out of the parking lot, parking it at a home that has one of those glass block walls, shaking out her hair and then washing it with Finesse (sometimes you need a little Finesse and sometimes you need a lot), and then microwaving a Lean Cuisine while drinking a New Coke and watching St. Elsewhere. And yet at the same time, she looks modern and cool. Alchemy!

[Photo: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images, Han Myung-Gu/WireImage]