Kim here is at a Skims event in Miami. Skims is her shapewear — and, I believe, now loungewear and swimwear — brand, and as such, it seems on-point for her to show up in leggings and a bra top. Besides which, it’s Kim Kardashian. If you are going to attend a pop-up event that sells undercrackers designed to make you feel like Kim Kardashian, or look like Kim Kardashian, or feel like you look like Kim Kardashian, then you probably really WANT her to show up in something like this. She doesn’t look like she can move in it, and that is not the best advertisement for buying her wares, but at least I get it in this context. What I don’t get are the glasses. They are a cross between Batman’s mask and Doc Brown’s shades at the end of Back to the Future, and they are aggressively weird. But listen, if she’s going to turn her attention to inventing garbage-powered cars as a way of solving both the fuel and the landfill crisis, I will buy a pair out of gratitude.

[Photo: Ryan K Rolo/Shutterstock]