Reba co-hosted the ACM Awards in 2012 with Blake Shelton, and looked great in sequins the entire night (photos above). One might even say she looked… fancy.

“Fancy, you say?”



This may not rank as high on my list as the epic “Does He Love You” video, but it’s pretty solid. This was originally a Bobbie Gentry song from 1969, which Reba fought to re-record and eventually did in 1990. She also, of course, provided a video that Gentry would not have; the opening cracks me up, and then Reba settles into a video that is as literal as it can be for as long as it can be, without actually showing any child prostitution (and thankfully, they also bypassed the chance to show a roach crawling out of a shoe). The song is so good that you can space out and not care about the actual details, but watching the video makes it feel like a real swerve that at the end Fancy appears grateful to her mother and/or as if she thinks her mother was correct to traffic her to the sex trade. Wikipedia tells me that “[f]or years, McEntire has encored her live concerts with the hit, singing the first half of the song in a ragged black mink coat and hat then removing them to reveal a floor length red gown for the second half,” and I wish more people did that with… everything. I wish I were doing that right NOW.

[Photos: Shutterstock]