I am on record as saying that Lucy Liu is the best-looking person I’ve ever seen in real life and this cover only serves to convince me that this probably continues to be true. She looks so dang pretty here. (She is also gorgeous whilst leaping all over the place in the editorial, which is never not-amazing to me.)

The interview is also good, and quite wide-ranging. I always like Women’s Health interviews because I am sincerely interested in what celebrities do to keep in shape [while I eat a toaster waffle or whatever] and they rarely give that “oh, I just chase my kids!!” answer to Women’s Health. They usually actually tell you. But this interview does go beyond that, to discuss the rise in anti-Asian racism, and talk about raising her son. I particularly enjoyed this part:

 Her purpose in doing this issue’s cover, in fact, is to show that “you don’t have to be 20 to wear a bathing suit,” she says. “With all the flaws and all the life that a body experiences, it’s still something that you should carry with confidence.”

Amen! We made it to another summer, get in the pool!

[Photo by Aingeru Zorita]