Yes, every blogger you know has mentioned that Sephora’s big sale is happening this week and now I am also doing it! (It opens to everyone today; the code is OMGSPRING, you need to be at least a Sephora Insider to qualify for the discounts but you can sign up for that immediately and if you ever buy anything there you should definitely do that anyway, and this post is NOT sponsored by Sephora [I WISH] but these are all affiliate links.)

Ahem. So, many of us are emerging into the world again in a way that we haven’t over the last year — socially! — and it’s possible that we have just realized that our beauty supply stash has been neglected and needs some refreshing. I don’t know why I’m using the royal we there, as I am talking about myself: My stash has been very neglected. Additionally, the last twelve months have rapidly aged me and while I don’t think there’s anything I can really do about it beyond Botox, it will probably help me if I moisturized more. The big news is that the very expensive and regrettably effective (for me, anyway) Dr Bader cream is part of the sale. This is one of the few things I have ever used up! (The other is this [less expensive, but what isn’t?] Drunk Elephant cream.)

Hairwise, this is probably also a good time to invest in a Dyson hair dryer if you’re in the market for one. (I do not personally have one, because I invested in a Harry Josh a very long time ago, and it’s still ticking.) It’s a blessing that Sephora doesn’t sell the Mason Pearson hairbrush, because thisĀ is where I’d tell you to buy one. I’m also stocking up on Olaplex, because I am out and I think Olaplex does actually help my tragic hair be marginally less so. (What I really need is a Sephora discount on a haircut. I look totally bananas right now. In my defense, it is difficult to cut the back of your own hair, no matter how many YouTubes videos you watch!)

It’s probably ALSO a good time to pick up some sunscreen, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t shout out my truly beloved La Neige. I’m also going to pick up this Dr. Jart color-correcting thingie that I feel like I’ve seen all over the internet and try it out. (I get a very red nose because of my allergies. Related: I hear this Dior concealer is VERY good, but I haven’t personally tried it.) And because we are still in a pandemic, it’s never a bad time to stock up on hand soap.

But obviously, the real question is: When do we get to buy lipstick again?

What are you in the market for? (If anything!)

PS: Also! You can get free shipping with the code FREESHIP. Thanks to everyone who let me know about that one!