This is the debut of Tarantino’s latest, in which Margot Robbie plays Sharon Tate, James Marsden is Charles Manson (no, wait; that’s what IMDb said last night but the trailer/Wikipedia indicate something else so WHO KNOWS), Damian Lewis is Steve McQueen, Elle’s sister Dakota is Squeaky Fromme, and Brad Pitt and Leonardi DiCaprio are the leads. (Here is the LA Times review.) For such a big cast — it also includes Kurt Russell, Lena Dunham, Margaret Qualley, Timothy Olyphant, Al Pacino — not that many of them made the jaunt to France, which is a bummer, but the gown-wearers of the world more than made up for it.

Also, Luke Perry has a role in this film. I am not a Tarantino fan, so y’all are gonna have to tell me how that goes, but I hope he is TRIUMPHANT in it and it will not surprise you that Brad Pitt told a story about fanboying out on how Dylan McKay was in their film and then complimented what a righteous dude Luke was. EVERY story about him after his death has been glowing and warm, and I sure hope he knew in life what a class act the world felt him to be.

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