Ella Purnell — whom you might have seen in Yellowjackets — is just incredibly pretty, and I think that loveliness is giving this mess of an ensemble a monumental lift. But there is only so much one face can do. Quite apart from how uncomfortable it looks to have to SIT atop a bumload of baubles, that plus the unfinished hems looks so much like semi-homemade crafting. To call it student work would be an insult to students, and honestly, calling it crafting is also an insult to crafters. If we could have liberated and then re-styled the jacket, that might have helped? I also don’t get the heavy black undershirt with it OR the need for coral visible underpants… except of course so that Miu Miu can proudly take credit for this. A debatable choice indeed; I’d prefer to hide.

[Photo: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images]