The seventh — NO WAIT, eighth, somehow! — and final season of Homeland is about to start, although like any good spy, seasons 5 and 6 and evidently also 7 at least came and went in the night without me even realizing they were there. Claire “Carrie Mathison” Danes has really… created something here. Animal print is kind of a fun departure for her in general, but between the ’80s sleeve and the diagonal ruffle and the incongruous hot-pink cummerbund, the execution is as messy as [insert Homeland joke that dovetails with whatever is happening in Carrie’s personal or professional life].

Morena Baccarin also attended the premiere, and while her suit is oversize in a way that looks accidental rather than on-trend…


… but this is an excellent visual representation of why we’re always squawking and flailing repetitively about shoe choices. These are a delightful dash of life, like remembering to season your meal with a Samin Nosrat-approved amount of salt. It can make even the blandest bowl of soup feel richer.

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