I feel like Reese’s head belongs to a different dress here.

It’s the lipstick. Pearly peachy pink is a really strange choice for that outfit, like somebody turned to the wrong page in the R. Witherspoon: November 2014 head-styling binder, or all the alternate lipstick melted in transit when she was coming back from that Cabo film fest. I really LIKE the outfit, it just… maybe EVERYONE has a cold. Maybe Reese and Angie got the same crud that’s going around and they hung out backstage going, “Ugh, I KNOW, I’m out of Zicam and I’m totally getting a rebound effect from my nasal spray and it’s THE WORST and I just want to go home and watch something by Shonda Rhimes.” Reese would watch How To Get Away With Murder, and clearly Angelina would pick Crossroads.

Which Shonda joint is this, for you?

  • How To Get Away With Murder, in that she's pulling it off, and... it's red, like... blood? I don't know. This is the "yay" option (42%, 993 Votes)
  • Grey's Anatomy, in the sense that I just can't quit it even though I really really want to (23%, 539 Votes)
  • Scandal, in that my dislike for it is scandalous (12%, 280 Votes)
  • Crossroads, because I don't know how I feel and thus I am AT a crossroads (23%, 527 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,339

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