I truly do not understand what is happening here. My prediction was that this was going to show up on “someone cute and young — an Ariana Grande or a Selena Gomez,” and while Shailene is definitely young and cute, I do not think of her as being in the same stylistic neighborhood as a pop star.  To me, she looks like she showed up to this event — the Hollywood Film Awards (which I said last year “sound like a fake awards show in a nighttime soap opera,” and which I was going to say this year, sound like the fake awards show on a Freeform drama) — in costume as the ditzy young pop star in a tiresome movie about some lame dude songwriter’s ennui that someone wrote in three days after seeing A Star Is Born and doing a ton of blow. The lame dude songwriter will be played by Justin Timberlake, and we’ll all leave this movie saying, “Shailene Woodley was surprisingly funny in that! She was the only good part.” But you don’t wear that costume OUT AND ABOUT.

[Photo: Brian To/WENN.com]