In which Harry and Meghan jet to Melbourne, shake some hands, kiss some babies, go to a reception, meet some people, meet some more people, meet some more people, take a train/tram, go to a beach, and meet some more people! (Not all of which is in this post, because it hasn’t all happened yet as I type this — I wanted you to be able to see Meghan’s first outfit some time before midnight in America! — but rest assured, eventually we’ll get to all of it. I’d never deny you beaches, nor train/trams.)

This was the first thing I saw, in terms of online coverage, for today and YET AGAIN I misread it:

Obviously, Harry and Meghan are in Victoria, the Australian state of which Melbourne is the capitol, but I naturally had to puzzle that out because, for a moment, “young Victorian leaders” had me imagining people cosplaying as young Disraeli.

Let’s get right to the outfit credits. First, Meghan continues her habit of wearing sleek sleeveless dresses (say THAT five times fast), which is bad for me because I love them and always want to buy them. This one is by Dion Lee, an an Aussie designer that is a fave of Meghan’s friend Priyanka Chopra, and it kind of reminds me of the Roland Mouret Meghan wore the night before the wedding. The Dion Lee people told our friends at Meghan’s Mirror that it’s a Spring/Summer 2019 dress which will be available for pre-order on their website at the end of the day — I assume this means the end of the Australian day, not my day (EDIT: and indeed, here it is!)– and that makes me think that they didn’t know she was going to wear it. That has to be a thrill for them and ALSO very stressful! (I also cannot quite tell WHICH Spring/Summer 2019 runway dress it originally was because that whole collection was VERY side-ab-oriented?)

When they got on the plane from Sydney, Meghan was ALSO carrying a new Cute Small Handbag – this Gucci one, which I also admittedly want to buy but won’t because I haven’t won the Super Ball yet. YET! — and wearing the same  Martin Grant trench we saw on the first day of the tour. (Her shoes are these Manolos.) Don’t ask me why my photo sources don’t currently have a snap of that; life is a mystery and everyone must stand alone. We’ll get them eventually! As for Harry, as usual, he is wearing faux faux Lederhosen. [EDIT: I’ve got them now!]

One of the things I’m really enjoying about this tour is how much of the Behind the Scenes logistics the royals reporters are sharing. Like this:

Also, we were JUST talking about this:


This was funny — and also, the length of this dress is perfect to me, and it’s so good in movement.


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