OF COURSE the big news is that these two are expecting a baby this spring, which is VERY EXCITING! YAY BABIES!

And as far as the tour is concerned, let’s start with some logistics. First! This is a LONG TRIP — they don’t get back until Halloween! — and given the time difference, a lot of it will happen overnight for us here in Los Angeles (I seriously spent a really long time trying to do a lot of clock math to even figure out when this post should be published and then I gave up). As has previously been the case on these royal tours, we will probably pop up Surprise Middle of the Night posts now and then, but mostly it’s going to be a post or two a day covering all of Harry and Meghan’s shenanigans — regardless of when, I promise that Heather and I will cover all of it.

Next: Here’s video of their arrival in Sydney on Sunday — they didn’t do a formal Deplaning Event this tour. My favorite detail here is that Meghan is clutching a giant binder (I also love that it’s coordinated with her coat). Sure, this was probably in part to conceal her pregnancy, but this is a long trip with a lot of engagements, one must do one’s homework! I’m excited about your baby, yes, but I am also here for all of any school supply discussions, Meghan. Like, the best everyday pen in the world is the Uni-ball Gel: Discuss.

(Alex Apatoff Besen on Twitter pointed out to me that is was VERY Northwestern, which reminded me that Northwestern had their homecoming this weekend and their school color is, in fact, purple. I decided this was a shout-out to from Meghan to her school.)

They kicked off the tour today with koalas (as one is contractually obligated to do in Australia, I believe; Wills and Kate did it, too! ) as well as kangaroos — some of which were living and some of which were not:

I, and many people on Twitter, read that tweet too quickly and thought they had been gifted a REAL kangaroo and I was concerned about how they planned to get it home.



Royals: They’re just like us!

Well. This is already fun.

[Photos:  PA Images/INSTARimages.com,  Dean Lewins/REX/Shutterstock]