These pants are a great reminder to me of why I’ve banned myself from buying anything else that is lamé. I CANNOT resist the idea of silver-green lamé wide-legged pants, and it’s probably for the very very best that I cannot afford silver-green lamé wide-legged pants from Chanel because I do not live a silver-green lamé wide-legged pants from Chanel life. But guess who does? Amandla, who looks chic and cool in this — and I also thought so when I saw her wearing this earlier in the week, on Amandla’s stylist, Karla Welch’s, Instagram:

As much as I love a black turtleneck — and I love one a LOT — I almost think those pants work better with the plain white tee (which is via Karla’s collaboration with Hanes). I’ve said this before, but Amandla always feels to me like The Coolest Girl From the Early 90s Who I Wish I Had Been Friends With, and that Fancy Pants/white tee combo manages to be both fresh and retro in a way that makes me wonder where I put my Docs. I’m into it.

[Photo: Andrew H Walker/BAFTA/REX/Shutterstock]