In case you missed it, we covered the first half of Day Three yesterday, and you should know that balls were levitated therein. We’ve got a few extras from that — dogs! Babies! Cutenesss! — and then the second half of the Sussexes’ third day in Australia brought an outfit change for both of them, and, before that, my favorite part of any outing, lunch:

I don’t know if I could eat kangaroo! (I am not very meat-adventurous.)

As a foodie, I’m sure Meghan enjoyed this:

This is very cool:

Also! A Fug National went out to the walkabout and spoke to Meghan!

They then headed off for a school visit and what I’d heard was “beach clean-up,” but was actually a meeting with kids who do beach clean-up, which is presumably why the beach looked pretty clean when they got there. At some point, Meghan changed into this Club Monaco frock and (wisely, both for the sand and possibly her pregnant feet) her Rothys. It’s not a HUGELY different dress, in terms of formality, and I wonder if it was just more comfortable on her body for the rest of the day?

This is VERY cute and practical!

Do my ears deceive me, or does Harry tell her to put it on?

And here they are getting off the tram and arriving at the beach — there are a LOT of people there! (There’s also a woman wailing for Harry, which must be very weird for Meghan. Not because he’s her husband, but just because a person wailing for your companion when you get off a tram would be weird for most civilians.)

Speaking of trams! (I feel like Harry is internally like “PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IS FASCINATING!” whilst Meghan, a normal person, is just chatting with her seatmate.)

Apparently, people asked them about baby names on this tram and Meghan was like, “everyone’s given us a list,” and that is endlessly funny to me. I imagine various people popping their head into Harry and Meghan’s apartment at Kensington Palace, waving a parchment paper, all “YOO HOO! HERE’S MY LIST!” and then later Harry and Meghan have to figure out how to tell Beatrice that they’re not naming the baby “Beatrice,” and, even more difficult, telling Charlotte that they probably can’t name it Gertrude Maud Robinson Sussex after the noted British organic chemist.

[Photos: JULIAN SMITH/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock, PA Images/, REX/Shutterstock, Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock, Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock]