When I saw this first look, I was terribly perplexed because I thought it was a LEATHER SKIRT with a gathered waist and I was extremely confused about the mechanics of this.  But then I realized that said skirt might be denim. But then I looked at it some more and now I think it might be leather again, just with denim-ish effects. And then I started thinking: If I cannot tell denim from leather, what am I even doing here? My life is a lie. My area of expertise, a sham! I should just put on some Cros and get on the 10 and get out of here. Having said that: I kind of like that skirt, whatever it is.

This next look — a Bella Freud velvet suit — is one about which I have many a note:

Jenna Coleman out and about, London, UK - 05 Oct 2018

Well, just two. I guess “two” isn’t many. I have two notes: (a) I think the suit might be too big? (b) those shoes feel like she dug them out of the back of her car and not in a good way (IS there a good way for that?), and (3) (This is not a note as much as it is a comment and ergo was not included in my Two Note Count) that is exactly how my hair looks in my imagination. If only dreams were real!

[Photo by SEBASTIEN NOGIER/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock, Beretta/Sims/REX/Shutterstock]