One of the shockers of the recent SAG Award nominations is that Kristen Stewart — considered a front runner for the Oscar — was not nominated for her role in Spencer. The Oscar nominations come out on February 8th, so we’ll see what happens then, but given that the actors who didn’t nominate her for a SAG are the same people who vote for Best Actress at the Oscars…her team is probably a little nervous. Which, honestly, is very likely why she’s back out making the rounds — she’s at Colbert here — even though the movie isn’t really in theatres for the general public anymore, and it’s not on streaming yet, although you can rent it. (The closest movie theatre to me that is showing it is a very niche one in Beverly Hills that is absolutely running it so that awards voters can see it in the theatre. To be clear: This is how the game is played and it’s fun to drive past those theatres with their big signs noting that academy/guild members watch for free.) Someone was like, “maybe we need to send her back out there,” and this is what they put her in to do that. To be frank: I like this on her. It’s polished, and the sexy menswear feel always works on her. It’s not painfully Chanel-y, despite being Chanel. My one note, honestly, might be that the heels are SO high that they’re making my bunion hurt. But she looks pretty great.

She did some other press earlier this week:


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This jacket! Is dreamy. (It’s Bella Freud.)

THIS jacket is also dreamy:


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Although I am thrilled it is not Chanel (because I think K.Stew benefits from wearing a variety of designers), and objectively I love it, I am not jazzed that it is D&G. I think that train has really left the styling station at this point, but it’s worth noting that I think you could achieve the exact same effect by going vintage. (Plus, vintage is cool!)

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