Today is little Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor’s first birthday, and Meghan and Harry provided a video of him — filmed by Harry — as part of some work they’re doing with Save the Children. In short: HE IS VERY CUTE:

That is a very nice cause, and please look at this absolute noodle! I want to squash him. (I’d also like to officially thank Harry and Meghan for residing in my time zone finally.) (Also, as a childless person who is Auntie to people out of the picture book age, this book is also very charming; I actually said, “oh, this is very cute” when I got the conceit; and while we’re here, this might be a nice place to talk about picture book suggestions for those of us who might need to buy baby gifts in the upcoming months and can’t go to our usual bookstore in person for recommendations.)

We got some Insta well-wishes as well. I think this snap is new to us?

This is a good reminder of how good Doria looked here:

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Wishing Archie a very happy first birthday today!

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I will always love how delighted the Queen looks here:

PS: Sometimes comments on posts involving Meghan and Harry get heated; please be aware that I am currently temporarily on a medication that makes me clinically crabby and it’s 95 degrees in Los Angeles and we’re in a pandemic and ergo NEVER have I been more likely to turn this car around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone be cool! I cannot stress this enough! My rage pills WILL have blood! 

[Photo by Duke of Sussex/@SaveChildrenUK/Shutterstock]