In honor of Gisele Bundchen entering her fifth decade of life, I decided to dig for the weirdest things she’d had to wear on a runway (excluding Victoria’s Secret, for a variety of reasons). I did not have to look far: This was one of the first things to appear, from the Spring/Summer 1999 fashion show at Givenchy. Of ALL the fashion houses to turn her into a naked version of my kitchen floor! I’d have guessed Mugler first. Congratulations, Gisele, on being — to my knowledge, anyway — the first and last person to walk this Earth as a Givenchy naked checkerboard. And we should all offer up a torrent of gratitude to the universe for that, because, living as we do during a prolonged era of precarious clothes, it’s almost unfathomable that nobody went dumpster-diving in the Givenchy vault and pulled this out again.