Yes, this occured the exact same week that Jessica Biel went out wearing this. 1998! What a time! For those of you too youthful to recall, Halloween H2O was the Kevin Williamson-steered installment of the Halloween franchise, and Wiki notes it was also Josh Hartnett’s very first credit. (I would have placed his arrival on the public square earlier than this!) Interestingly, Wiki also says:

 The writers of Halloween H20 were left with a dilemma when [Jamie Lee] Curtis wanted to end the series, but Moustapha Akkad had a clause that legally wouldn’t allow the writers to kill Michael Myers off. According to the Blu-ray released by Scream Factory, Curtis almost left the project just weeks before filming, until Kevin Williamson came up with [SPOILER for a movie from 1998] presented it to Akkad. Curtis finally agreed to be a part of the film under the condition that no footage hinting toward a sequel would be presented by the film, and that the audience would believe that Michael was dead until the inevitable sequel was announced.

JLC has, of course, since done four more Halloweens, so I guess she got over it. (As a sidebar, Michael Myers has to be SO old now; I haven’t watched a Halloween in ages but please tell me there is a running gag where he stops in the middle of stabbing someone and complains about his arthritis. Surely the teens can outrun him so easily at this point!) Both her parents came to this premiere — Janet Leigh is also in the film — so it does feel like she thought she was done with it. Also present: Michelle Williams, who I forgot was in this movie and she may also want us to forget she was in it, and a lot of other familiar baby faces.

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