William “Chidi from The Good Place” Jackson Harper and Cristin “How I Met Your Mother” Milioti are in a new Peacock shot called The Resort, which sounds like The White Lotus if Alexandra Daddario had found the old cell phone of a missing person. His expression looks like he was up all night stressing about the fact that The Resort has three stars on IMDb, before he realized that’s a 2021 movie and not this show; her face suggests she Googled the correct reviews, which uniformly praise her and are not at ALL sure the rest works, and can’t decide how happy to look about this news. If there is solace to be taken, it’s that they both look good. And if there is a lesson here, it’s to name your project something that can cut through the Internet noise. This is my husband’s theory about band names. You can’t just call yourself Animal and high-five and go home. People will give up on page 1 of Google.

[Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock]