These prolonged international press tours for movies can be excruciating when the movie is flagging, and enthusiasm has waned, and you just know the actors are plastering on smiles while imagining being back at the hotel eating room service and channel-surfing for an entertaining foreign-language game show. (Just me? Surely not…?) But Nope is beloved, and accordingly, these have the relaxed and chipper feel of a victory lap. Daniel looks cool as a cucumber, and Keke’s David Koma gown — while, yes, sky-high of slit — is twinkly and sexy and sleek. And because this is the first time I’ve written about Nope, I think you all know the unforgivably shitty joke I’m about to write:

Nope? More like YEP.

GOODNIGHT everyone, try the chicken and tip your waitstaff.

[Photo: Gerald Matzka, Jörg Carstensen/Getty Images]