Do you think it makes Ol’ Pips sad that most people would probably rather see her sister, or do we think she’s just happy for Kate and enjoys not having quite such psychotic levels of attention focused on her? I mean, she’s certainly still getting invited to all the good stuff, but no one is lurking in her bushes or digging through her rubbish bins looking for her prescriptions or flying over her house trying to take pictures of her baby.

And she was invited to his GQ thing, although she appears to have arrived sans Dreamy Bounder Boyfriend Whom I Suspect Is Bad News (so sue me, I want happiness for Pippa). Let’s look at her dress:

The color is very,  very pretty, but I will never understand why she has a tendency to go for Sad Lady Mary hair at these things. And it’s not as fabulous from the front as it is from the side:

The details are GORGEOUS, and I even like this length on her but does something about the fit make her boobs look…low? Which is actually also something we occasionally see on Sad Lady Mary, so maybe Pippa is just REALLY feeling the Downton lately. (I just hope she’s not the Edith. Actually, nor do you want to be the Sybil. I guess we all need to be Lady Mary.) Personally, I just want to tug the waist down like half an inch, because something about the bodice isn’t totally completely utterly adding up for me. But I’d never call it a miss. More like an…OhSoClose?

What do you think?