Oy vey, how is tomorrow October already? September, we hardly knew ye. Despite that Los Angeles is hot as the surface as the sun, I am emotionally ready for fall, and it’s all like this in my heart now:

GQ had a fascinating article about how we trace guns in America. Spoiler: Not very well, and yet, extremely, extremely well at the same time. This is a great, compelling piece of journalism.

– Also at GQGQ is hitting it out of the park this week — is this wonderful essay by Michael Chabon about taking his son to Paris Fashion Week. It will really just squeeze your heart; I cried at the end To wit: “From the moment he became himself, what made Abe different—from his siblings, from classmates, from most of the children who have ever lived—was the degree of comfort he felt with being different. Everybody wants to stand out from the crowd, but so few of us have the knack, and fewer still the stomach for bearing up under the crush of conformity. It was always Abe’s rare gift not just to stand out, and bear up, but to do those things with panache. And the way in which he expressed his difference most reliably, and with the greatest panache, was through dressing up.” (It also reminds me how very much I love Chabon’s writing.)

– For Grub Street’s 10th birthday, they’re having former Grub Street Dieters do their diet now as compared to their past ones, and it’s great. You guys know how much I LOVE Grub Street Diet. I particularly liked this one from Stacy London (whom I love).

New African Woman has an interesting profile of Kibonen Nfi, a Cameroonian designer who’s a favorite of Lupita Nyong’o.

– This is great, at Deadspin: Pakistan’s National Baseball Team Just Wants You To Know They Exist

– At Vulture, Heather and I got to write a piece pitting Don and Betty Draper against Homer and Marge Simpson, in their Battle of Great TV Couples.

–Pajiba salutes the Inimitable, Exhausting Wonder Of Physical Books

– This piece at The Ringer about John Mayer is a little bit mean and a lot bit funny.

– I always like reading Lainey’s take on the way tabloids cover gossip — here, about the way the Brangelina divorce is being covered. (You know I’m into the logistics of the press.)

– Also interesting: her take on whether Disney is really going to buy Twitter. My personal response was: As much as I am wary of the Mouse owning everything, maybe Disney would actually do something about Twitter’s giant issue with abuse!

– Racked asked, “Honestly, Why Do Clutches Even Exist?” And the answer is actually very interesting.

– Also at Racked, this great piece about Dress For Success. This will warm your heart, and also make you want to volunteer for Dress For Success. Did you know that it got off the ground with the help of a bunch of New York City nuns? Fascinating, and moving.

– At Revelist: The 25 most absurdly ‘sexy’ Halloween costumes based on TV and movie characters, ranked. Dibs on Sexy Chewbacca!

– The New Potato promises A MAJOR HOROSCOPE UPDATE!

– Just gonna leave this Celebitchy headline here: Tom Hiddleston goes full ‘leather daddy’ for Interview Mag.

– You will love this, at Atlas Obscura: A Guide to the Real-Life Homes of the Heroes of Children’s Literature. I have friends in Portland who live very close to Klickitat Street, home of Ramona and the rest of the Quimbys, and I screamed with glee when we drove past it, last time I visited.

– Bloomberg had a really fascinating piece about how the cast of Hamilton negotiated profit-sharing, which sounds dry, but is NOT.

– And, finally, this is really old, but I just stumbled onto it recently and enjoyed it, and so might you: Paste Magazine salutes vintage cookbook illustrations.

And, in case you missed anything at GFY this week: