Well. It’s been a VERY BUSY week, given that Wills and Kate and the kids have been gallivanting about Canada all week. We’ve had tons of coverage — you can find it all here, if you’ve missed any of it -- and I’ll actually have a post up later this evening, as well, about today’s tour events. Plus, stuff is happening over the weekend, so…come back later, too, is what I am saying.

In today’s slideshow, we’ve got a ton of other royal ground to cover, given that Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik are currently on a tour of the US and…other stuff also happened. Plus bits and bobs from the Canada tour!

And elsewhere around the internet:

– This was interesting, at CBC: Royal tour planners create “narrative,” says expert. 

– Also very interesting, via the BBC, a piece about some of Canada’s First Nations leaders are using Wills and Kate’s tour to highlight their political frustrations.

– Order of Splendor did a deep dive into the history of the Cambridge Sapphire Parure.

– Maclean’s has tackled the phenomenon that is Kate’s love of beige footwear.

– At People, Princess Beatrice completed a triathlon for charity. (And no better way to handle a breakup than exercise.)

– And, finally, I’m sure you want to watch the trailer for The Crown:

IT’S BERTIE! Bertie, how’s Edith???! That aside: It looks REALLY good. I can’t wait.