Happy weekend, friends! Here’s to a cozy weekend full of — for me, anyway! — baseball play-off excitement.

Just as a note before we get into this, one of these pieces references stillbirth/infant loss, so if that’s something you want to avoid, it’s the very last one, after the Pitchfork article.

– Are you in the market for a swirly skirt?! I picked some out for you.

– This is a useful explainer about the possible IATSE strike. [Lainey]

– The San Francisco Chronicle put together a big package marking the 50th anniversary of the opening of Chez Panisse, and it’s really interesting!

– I’m sure you’ve read Who Is the Bad Art Friend? already but if not….it is quite a ride. [NYT Magazine]

– I love the Jewelry History feature at The Adventurine, and this one was particularly fun: Chris Evert’s 1970s Diamond Babe Necklace

– I’m concerned: Modern Crocodiles Are Evolving at a Rapid Rate [Smithsonian]

– Why yes, I WILL Step Inside Kirsten Dunst’s Charming Ranch House Tucked in the San Fernando Valley. [Architectural Digest]

Tessa Thompson’s rumored boyfriend is cute! [Lainey]

WaPo’s reporting on the Pandora Papers is long — I haven’t finished reading it yet; there are multiple articles — and fascinating and WILD and enraging. For example, who knew the new hotbed of financial secrecy was South Dakota? (Well, probably a lot of people. But not me.)

– As I have mentioned before, I am a big fan of the Bravo Cinematic Universe, and the RHoBH reunion looks UNHINGED! (Also, what is happening with Kyle’s hair?) [Socialite Life]

– This is absolutely fascinating, although I must warn you it discusses sexual assault: Fatty Arbuckle and the Birth of the Celebrity Scandal.  If you’re not familiar with this story, it is shocking on multiple levels (and I was familiar with it and this story had new information for me). [The New Yorker]

– Evan Ross Katz’s Top Shelfie at Into the Gloss is a VERY fun, and funny, read.

– Super interesting — and seasonal! Haunted by Houses: On the California Victorian in Fiction [LA Review of Books]

– Also seasonal is this fun quiz at Autostraddle: What Horror Movie Stock Character Are You? (I am “the wise elder,” which is RUDE!!! And also complimentary? But yes, I will be the old crone warning you about that cabin.)

– Texas Monthly is the greatest: Meet the Fearless Women of the Lone Star Mower Racing Association. Don’t mind if I do!

–  Important questions: Trailer: Do We Need Another ‘Cyrano’? Will You Reconsider for Peter Dinklage? [Pajiba]

– This is fun: GoldenEye for fashion: A menswear expert weighs in on James Bond’s most noteworthy looks [AV Club]

– File this one under Bad And Unsurprising: Jamie Spears & his Christian buddies scammed Britney out of millions of dollars [Celebitchy]

– This was very interesting: Pitchfork Reviews: Rescored: We’ve all thought about it: Here are 19 album review scores that we’d change if we could.

– October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month in the United States, and this upcoming week is the corresponding week in the UK. Fug National Beth very thoughtfully emailed us earlier this month to ask us if we’d be willing to post about this, in the hopes of helping fellow readers who might be suffering or need companionship in their grief. She runs an Instagram support group for bereaved folks called Grief Club, and sent us the following:

Baby Loss Awareness Week runs from the 9th-15th of October, and is a time when the baby loss community comes together to raise awareness, and to help people who have been affected by pregnancy loss and baby loss to find support and comfort. One in four pregnancies ends in a miscarriage. In the US, one in every 170 babies is stillborn. For Black women, one in every 97 babies in stillborn.

If you have been through this, please know that you are not alone. There are some really wonderful organisations that offer help and support –  Sands is a UK based charity that has chapters around the world and an online forum that is open to all. This article from Very Well Family introduces other key organisations, and the International Stillbirth Alliance has links to baby loss and pregnancy loss groups around the world.

There are also really caring communities on Instagram where people support each other through baby loss, pregnancy loss, infertility, TTC, and pregnancy after loss. Please come join us if any of this is relevant to you – search for hashtags of those terms, and you’ll find the relevant accounts. (You can find me at @Grief_Club.)

I hope this provides some help and support for those who need it, and if you would like to share other organizations or groups that are in support of this cause, please feel free to do so in the comments, or join Beth on Instagram.