We all know Kim either has blond wigs, or a stylist who will take her there in a millisecond. Why not just go all the way, Kim? You’re trying to study law, you’ve tried taking the baby bar in California, you’re wearing head-to-toe pink… why stop short of full Elle Woods cosplay? Unless your pitch is for a sequel called Legally Blonde: Whaaaaaaat? Or Explaining Everything with Elle. Keeping Up With the Woodsdashians. Or Bend and Shapchat. (I could go on, but because I care about you all, I won’t.) The good news is, I’m into Kim’s version of power suits.  Maybe the remake she SHOULD be doing is the Powerpuff Girls pilot, which is in the midst of a massive retooling and could probably stand to deal itself… wait for it… a winning Kard. *taps mic* Hello? Hello, is anyone still out there?

[Photo: Shutterstock]